Hacks about Melting Ice without Damaging Your Concrete

In the winter season, the extreme conditions could make issues over your residence or business. The freezing, cold water usually results in the development of ice and snow on paved and concrete surfaces. This could be hazardous to workers, pets, children, and your family. But, there are a lot of means to stop snow and ice from creating problems for your business and home. Though some of them can possibly harm your concrete, here are some of the safer alternatives about melting ice during winter.

Salting is harmful to your concrete

One of the most typical means of preventing snow and ice on your driveways, sidewalks, and porches is salting before snow and ice. This might appear to be an immediate solution, however, placing salt on these surfaces could result in damaging your concrete. Salt on pavement or concrete could make it a pit. The moment it’s pitted, there’s a chance that it will break and crack. Moreover, once the salt comes in contact with metal, it could result in more damage since it is one of the sources of why corrosion occurs. Here are safer ways to stop damage and slips:

1. Shovel

Using a shovel is one of the alternatives of salting pavements that are proven and tested to be safe. Though, there might be times when this approach is not sufficiently effective to eliminate pavement ices since they could be trapped and unable to be scraped away by solely using a shovel.

2. Heated stair mats

You could put heated stair mats on paved areas, such as stairs, all over your businesses or residences. Heated mats could simply be put anywhere and would not harm the concrete, surfaces, children, and pets. 

3. Cat litter

A cat litter is one of the best alternatives to salt, which makes traction. Moreover, litter won’t damage the exterior surfaces as the salt does. Also, you could get a natural cat litter that does not contain toxins and chemicals in it. Then, you’ll figure out that it would be safe for your employees, plants, children, and pets. 

4. Other alternatives

The ultimate recommendation that you must know to be substituted for salt could be by utilizing a straw, wood chips, or gravel. This type of material could give extra traction to possibly icy surfaces and it cannot cause any damage to your concrete. 

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